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A Warm Welcome To Hybrid Training

We are a National Training Provider, we deliver first class Apprenticeships, Traineeships, Employability, Skills and Bespoke Training Solutions.

Our purpose is to unlock potential through learning and inspiring our learners to succeed in life & in work. 

We are a uniquely inspirational training provider whose remit goes far beyond the education of our apprentices and workplace learners. Our name, Hybrid conveys the bonding of the physical and mental, of vocation and knowledge, of energy and empathy, of commerce and care  - the fusion of many professional and personal qualities into one unique business proposition. This is what we call the “Hybrid Magic” 

We always look beyond what is presented or written until we get a comprehensive picture of the person or situation.  Our learners are individuals and are treated as such. We know the name of every one of our learners, the programme they are studying and where they study. That’s because each learner is a person in their own right, not just a means to generate income.  And that’s a big part of the Hybrid Magic - our personal touch.

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What Our Learners Say...

EON of Level 3 ~ Customer Service

I found the apprenticeship online . I hadn't a clue what I wanted to do but now I want to do so much. Before I started the apprenticeship I really didn't have this desire to learn. That’s why it’s changed me so much mentally. I had no ambition, I had no goals , I didn’t really care .

But since I’ve been working at E.ON it’s made me think “I want to work . I want better things for myself “ and the only way to get there is to work . I'm always learning and even if I went to a higher position in my job I’d be learning still . It’s been a real positive. I can see a real future for myself and I just want to work towards it.

Hybrid is like family - the family connection . They make us apprentices feel we’re worth... Read More

Howard Tenens of Level 2 ~ Business Administration

Bradley received Hybrid’s Apprentice Champion 2016. This is awarded to the apprentice who has exceeded his or her objectives, supported the team and a new member of staff. Bradley had not only achieved his own goals and received a promotion, but had supported the training and development of three other people.

Bradley says:

“ I work in the transport team in a mainly administrative role which covers many aspects of the day to day running of logistics. My job can be anything from the management of drivers, lorries and trailers, working alongside our customers and warehouses, making sure everything is delivered on time, solving problems or faults, pricing, invoicing and billing.

I learned about this apprenticeship through a... Read More

Care At Home of Level 4 ~ Business Administration

I started straight from school on a YTS scheme and did secretarial and events management work until my son was born. Initially I came into Care at Home as a carer because then it fitted in with my family : later because of my background in organisation and administration I began to help with the preparations for CQC inspections. I now manage and issue timesheets, payroll, invoices and debtors. I deal with GPs ,chiropodists, hospital appointments - multitasking in the extreme!
One day is never the same as the next but I still do some of the care work because I like the mixture of office work and care.

Years ago there wasn’t a qualification for office work so I wanted to prove I could do it. It’s made me realise that it’s hard to... Read More

Care At Home of Level 2 ~ Health & Social Care

I worked at a Building Society when I left school and then took time out to bring up my daughter so I'm a late returner to work. I was attracted to this job by the offer of full training - even though I wasn't confident that I could keep up with working and studying.

I’m interested in people and I care about them; the thought of making people comfortable was appealing to me. I also understand what it feels like to feel unwell on a daily basis, how debilitating that is and how you can lose your confidence. I didn’t know if I could cope: for example personal care was alien to me but I want to do the best for my old folks so it just becomes natural. It’s been a big boost to my confidence knowing I can do what I wasn't sure I... Read More

EON of Level 3 ~ Customer Service

Holly has progressed through the traineeship through level 2 and is currently taking the level 3 customer service qualification.

I’d just finished college and I wanted to be doing something rather than just sitting in a classroom - and earn money whilst I was doing it. I’d never known what I wanted to do but a family member told me about the E.ON apprenticeship so I signed up and was accepted. I was really pleased because it’s my first job. I was one of the first ones to get on the scheme so I had no idea what it entailed but it was exciting to be at the beginning.

I was used to writing essays at college but now I'm doing the Level 3 customer service qualification the difficulty level has definitely gone up! I’m... Read More

EON of Level 2 ~ Customer Service

I always wanted to work at E.ON, it seemed like a good company and I thought I could earn good money so I applied for the apprenticeship online after I finished a B Tech course at college.

I wish I’d gone straight to the apprenticeship rather than staying on at college - despite what I learned there. Because now, at age 20, I could have been a lead adviser . In my view, it’s better to get a job and get on in the industry. I think it makes you mature and manage your money as well. It gets you a future.

I’ve always felt quite mature but I feel that the apprenticeship has made me grow up a lot more. I've learned how to manage money , how to deal with customers and how to approach people . I think I've developed as a person... Read More

EON of Level 2 ~ Customer Service

** Hybrid’s Apprentice of the Year 2016. **

I didn't do too well in my “A” levels and I found the link to the E.ON apprenticeship online. Just reading about it made me want to do it. I’d never done anything like a full time job or an apprenticeship so it was quite intimidating at first- learning the job, getting to know colleagues and having to do essays on top of that; so it was a bit overwhelming.

I do get a lot of support from my managers. If I've wanted to do something they have accommodated it - for instance if I’ve wanted to experience a different department . I think the apprenticeship has given me a lot more confidence to ask questions.

Hybrid has really helped me. It’s more of a personal relationship -... Read More

EON of Level 2 ~ Customer Service

If anyone had told 21 year old James that within two years he’d progress from “a burger flipper” (his words) to Apprentice of the Month on two separate occasions he’d probably have laughed out loud

“There was nowhere for me to go in my previous job so when I got the call for the apprenticeship it was a good day all round.

I've enjoyed the apprenticeship a lot, you learn every day and I've made some decent friends .

Mostly though you’re building your career and I'm of an age when I need to think about what I’m doing. There are careers within E.ON and that’s what I want . I've got a plan in my head as to what I want to do and how I’m going to get there.

The apprenticeship has made me think differently,... Read More

St Joseph's School of Level 3 ~ Business Administration

“ It was quite difficult going straight from 6th form at school into the work environment. I always wanted to work in marketing so I started my append lack of communication which was not an environment in which I prospered! So, after 6 months Hybrid transferred my apprenticeship to St Josephs School where I developed the graphics and content for the new year prospectus, organised a large banner for an open day and got involved in their social media pages.

The apprenticeship really changed me. It gave me a new perspective on what to expect when you finish education. I saw very different kinds of managers in the two apprenticeships and it showed me what a real leader should be and what that entails in business life. It also gave me an... Read More

EON of Level 3 ~ Customer Service

I came into the Apprenticeship through the Work Programme at the Job Centre. I decided to go for an apprenticeship because it seemed like an opportunity to build something within a certain business - although my first choice wouldn’t necessarily have been in a customer service environment. That was way out of my comfort zone because I'm naturally what I’d call “selectively social” . But, over time, I've learned to be open and approachable with customers. Knowing about body language and how to use it to advantage - for example making eye contact or interacting with the room, has been a huge plus for me. So this apprenticeship has taught me a lot about myself , about what’s expected of me and how to apply what I’ve learned... Read More

EON of Level 3 ~ Customer Service

It’s been one of those things that’s been up and down. When I started on the apprenticeship I wasn’t confident at all. I’d been bullied at school, I’d lost my job so my confidence was at rock bottom. I thought “I’m going nowhere” I felt that I wasn’t good enough even when I’d got on to the traineeship and passed the assessment . I just felt that I’d been lucky - not that I’d deserved it.
The first time I had to make a presentation to the group I was shaking like a leaf and my heart was beating out of my chest but I did it. That was the first time I felt really proud of myself. Now I have to present to my team - and it’s easy compared to when I first started.

At first it was hard to find a balance... Read More

Olive Tree Cafe of Traineeship

Lewis has completed a 12 week traineeship in health and social care which includes: safeguarding , managing money, writing a cv and applying for jobs, health and safety, equality and diversity.

“ I volunteer at Olive Tree three days a week and I really enjoy it. It’s a great experience because it’s a nice place to work. It’s always busy and people are always nice - the food’s good too. I do a bit of everything here - washing up, tables and I sometimes make food. I’ve always wanted to try cooking because my uncle has a cafe and my mum was a chef - so it’s what my family does .

I do maths and English with Janet, who’s my Hybrid tutor. We’ve done exam papers which helped me a lot . At school I wasn't very good at... Read More

EON of Level 3 ~ Customer Service

I heard about the Apprenticeship scheme it by word of mouth so I went on the Open Day. I passed the initial assessment and went on to the 7 week traineeship programme where we did some of the basics - learning about E.ON’s business and their customer service goals .

What I like about the apprenticeship is that I didn’t need any previous work experience - although you do need certain levels of Maths and English - but I like the idea that I’m learning while I’m working and earning money. Looking back, I’d loved to have known more about it when I was at school because it’s such a massive opportunity, especially for those who don't have the experience of work or who don't want to go down the university route.

Speaking... Read More

EON of Level 3 ~ Customer Service

“Life is a challenge” is Raj’s mantra and he has certainly confronted and overcome some tough challenges in his life. The apprenticeship has given him an awareness of his competencies and capabilities even though he had been supporting his family business for some time.

“ I just got on with it. I never realised that what I was doing was creative, that it was a skill I had. I talked to customers all the time but I didn't know that it would stand me in good stead for the job I have now. I had no idea that my experience in the family business would actually count towards my competencies”

I really enjoy learning and now that I have my level 3 customer service qualification I’m confident that I have a future . Getting this... Read More

Care At Home of Level 5 ~ Management and Leadership in Health and Social Care

The level 5 Management and Leadership in Health and Social Care is degree level and has made me look at things differently. Take supervision and appraisals for example; it’s made me think about why I do supervisions, how they should be done. It’s enhanced my job role by giving me a deeper understanding of the practical because I now have knowledge of the theory behind it. It’s also helped me to recognise the ideal way to mentor and support our learners. If you want to attract the best staff who perform to the best of their ability you have to be dedicated to them.

I do a lot of hours so you’d think it would be difficult to fit in all the studying. I also have a role at Holmleigh which is the parent company of Care at Home but... Read More

Olive Tree Cafe of Level 2 ~ Team Leading

I'm a kitchen assistant which means I do a little bit of everything. I was employed originally to do the sandwiches, salads but if the volunteers want to do some of my role I step aside so that they can learn something new. I coach the volunteers as well so it’s quite a varied job.

When the volunteers first arrive, they are very nervous, but gradually they try new skills and become more confident. It’s about workplace learning. The biggest change is when you see someone who wouldn’t interact with anyone, speaking to customers. You see people change so much - and it’s such a nice thing to see.

The course has taught me not to be quite so hard on myself. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I have to have the overall vision and... Read More

Olive Tree Cafe of Level 2 ~ Team Leading

I was an independent volunteer at Twigs therapeutic garden so it was logical that I took over the kitchen garden when I started volunteering at Olive Tree. I enjoyed it over here so I carried on in the kitchen over the winter when I couldn't garden. Then I was offered paid work so that’s when I headed up a team. There’s a lot of satisfaction in running a team and I feel it’s going well. I’ve tended to be pessimistic but the qualification has helped me to recognise and celebrate the positive.

Delegation is not something that comes easily to me so it’s work in progress. On the other hand I think the team appreciates my knowledge and guidance - even if I am a bit of a perfectionist.
It feels good if, for example, one of the... Read More

EON of Level 2 ~ Customer Service

I came from the 6th form but school doesn't really give you career options - they just try to push you towards university. I wanted to start working towards a career in business as soon as possible so I knew university wasn’t for me . That’s when I decided to look round for an apprenticeship.

My apprenticeship was for a year because the year at college, where I’d studied business and IT, had stood me in good stead. It’s made me a lot more confident . Whereas before I’d be shy and wouldn't communicate with other people I’m now helping to organise E.ON’s part of Comic Relief. We’re changing the call centre into a Comic Relief Donations Phone -In and I'm coordinating the personnel involvement so that’s a big leap in... Read More

Olive Tree Cafe of Level 2 ~ Food and Beverage

I got in contact with Olive Tree through Wiltshire counselling service. I’d been getting support from the Richmond Fellowship.

I really like the cafe and I do find it helpful because it gets me used to working, I do mostly front of house, dealing with customers taking orders and servicing, and tiny bit of cooking. I’d like to do more cooking but I'm good with customers so that’s where I am - but I would like more variety.

The course gave me more of an idea about what exactly was expected of me. - especially dealing with customers. It just helped me to prepare for different reactions from customers and how to deal with them.

Hybrid has really helped by passing on their experience and getting me an official qualification. I... Read More

Care At Home of Level 2 ~ Health & Social Care

I went to 6th form college and I started at uni doing media but I didn't enjoy that so I worked as a manager for a gaming organisation for 6 years which I really enjoyed. I’d always had an interest in Health and Social Care so when my children were old enough… …here I am.

This job has made me confident, because every client has different needs. I have to be confident or I wouldn’t. If I wasn't confident I couldn't do that. I’m pretty much self motivated too, I get on with things.

One of the highlights of the job is being able to do the NVQs. I’m slightly nervous about starting the Level 3 but I really want to do it, it’s just trying to fit it into everything else. It’s not always easy keeping everything together but... Read More

EON of Level 3 - Customer Service

Zac has progressed through the traineeship through level 2 and is currently taking the level 3 customer service qualification.

“I came straight out of school on the Friday and started the 7 week traineeship with E.ON on the Monday so it was quite a culture shock! At 16, I was the youngest in the group so I felt there wasn’t a lot expected of me but the Apprentice Coordinator explained that I needed to open up and take part. So I did - and I knew from that moment that I was going to finish the 7 weeks and get the apprenticeship.

We had to do a presentation at the end and although I didn't like public speaking I did it. That led to the chance to go to the Apprenticeship Awards in London where I stood up and spoke in front of 80... Read More

Celebrating Success

Hybrid Success Rates 2015/2016

Retention Rate100%
Functional Skills95%


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